Favorite Sticker Supplies

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Here are my top favorite supplies I use for my small business Muchas Flores Studio! These are items I have used many times, and I highly recommend these products to help with your own sticker making!




Homsto Frosty Clear Sticker Paper Waterproof

Frosty clear sticker paper from Homsto. The finish on this is one of my favorites, it's a clear frosty finish and works with ink jet printers. Use Code MUCHAS61 for 10% off your Homsto order.

Matte Vinyl Sticker Paper from Homsto. I really loved how vibrant the colors printed out, I would just recommend laminating your stickers, this paper is thinner than the glossy version. Use Code MUCHAS61 for 10% off your Homsto order.


Premium Glossy Sticker Paper from Homsto. Overall I rate this paper 9/10 I love the way the colors printed and the paper quality is great for the price. I recommend laminating all stickers to have them last even longer! 
Use Code MUCHAS61 for 10% off your Homsto order.

 My current favorite laminate sheets are below from LTP PRINT 

   Star Holographic Laminate Sheets LTP PRINT

Below is another favorite holographic laminate I like to use 

I like to use the "Spot Patterns" for a pretty sparkle overlay laminate on my stickers. 

I use the glossy vinyl sticker paper from this brand. I like the quality of the paper, and my printer works well with this paper.

I like to use a felt squeegee to help me laminate my stickers, the felt squeegees make it easier for me to apply the laminate.

I like to laminate all my stickers to make them more durable, I prefer this laminate because it's clear and applies easy. The quality feels great too!
I use an Epson EcoTank 2720 for all my sticker making. I find that this printer does well with ink, it lasts me a long time before I need to buy more ink and I print stickers daily. It's easy to setup, and works well with the glossy sticker paper I like to use while printing stickers.
My favorite mats to use for my cutting machine when I make stickers. it's a great bundle deal and these mats work well with the type of materials I use for my sticker making!        
BONUS! Pop-up Market Display Ideas! 
Below are a list of products I use for when I am vending at pop-up markets. These items help me display my products and create my aesthetic for my small business. I hope this list helps you get started as you prepare for your own pop-up events.
This Nail polish display works SO good as a way to display your stickers! 
Sometimes I do pop-ups at night so I have this cute battery powered light to add some magical and fun vibes to my table and provide a little bit of light. Please note batteries are NOT included!
I will use a grid wire cube storage wall similar to this product to display my prints and keychains. I bought a set similar to this listing on Amazon about 3 years ago, so this listing was the closest one I could find similar to what I had paid! You can build these grid walls however you like to help you display products and prints!